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Add that personal touch to your event with custom labels!

Label: Drop the Mic Dalton. A lip sync battle benefiting the creative arts guild. Darden's Dangerously Delicious Fudge Bitty Pie Enjoy!
Label: Any way you "slice" it, you are the best. Thank you for all you do! Fudge "Bitty" Pie. Enjoy!
Label: Enjoy! Empower Summit 2018. Darden's Dangerously Delicious Fudge Pie
Label: Class of 2022 Appreciates all that you do!
Label: Regroup goes on
Label: Re:group conference 2018
Label: Seaborn Lee Elementary. Thanks for all you do!
Label: Love is Sweet! Kate and Chad
Darden smiling with pies on table in front of her.
When people get together, magic happens. Whether it’s a gathering of 25 or 2,500, Darden’s Delights can add to the magic. Customizable in every way to make your event extra special. We offer a variety of options for the ideal 4 inch individual “Bitty” pie, customizable sticker, boxed or unboxed.
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