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PostNet & Darden's Delights Partnership

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An inspiring father-daughter team prepares to make AJC Peachtree history

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Darden on stage with Miss Georgia USA

Darden Glass: 1st Runner Up 2022 Best Buddies Champion of the Year (Georgia)

Champion of the Year unites and recognizes the communities most active leaders in the name of inclusion. By devoting their passion, talents and networks to Best Buddies through a philanthropic competition, champions lay the foundation for transformational change in their communities.

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Small Business Success Story: Darden’s Delights

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The Darden's family holding pies

Luminary of the Year, Darden's Delights

Elementary School Fundance Film Festival

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Pies with a Purpose

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It started with some fudge pies baked for a preschool fundraiser

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Sandy Springs couple makes baked goods that do plenty of good

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Since 2009 Family Pie Company Sales Dedicated to Developmental Disabilities

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