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Working together to meet your Fundraising Goals

For over 10 years Darden’s Delights has helped a variety of organizations raise money to meet their fundraising needs. Whether your organization is a non-profit, school, booster club or sports team, we are thrilled to help give back to the community.

If your organization needs to raise money and you’re looking for something novel and unique, we can help with your fundraising programs! Easy, profitable, and great for any time of year!

The Idea & How it Works

So simple! We provide discounted pricing on our items for both options below, and we work very closely with your team to ensure successful execution.

The easy cheesy model

Set a beginning and end date for the fundraiser. Direct your supporters to the Darden’s Delights website. They enter a code or make note of your organization when placing an order for pick up or to ship. Supporters have unrestricted access to all items on our website. We handle the record keeping. *Costs associated with shipping and sales tax are excluded.

The quasi-retailer model

If your organization has the capacity to hold frozen items (i.e. large chest or walk in freezer), pick 3-4 items, and we’ll deliver the requested items as needed during the fundraising period. Your organization sets the final price, sells and distributes. We provide the record of the deliveries and you handle the rest.

For more information, please call our Atlanta location

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