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“Play the hand you’re dealt, not the one you planned on”

You can’t always determine how the cards are dealt to you – but you sure can have a big effect on how you play the hand. Sometimes we’re dealt a hand that looks impossible to play, but then again, it could be a royal flush. It’s all a matter of perspective.

In this entertaining keynote, David shares an inspirational and humorous message allowing the audience to reframe difficulties to accomplish things with greater purpose. He clarifies what it really means to rejoice in your struggles as it relates to growth and opportunity.

“Play the hand you’re dealt, not the one you planned on” is about resilience – a powerful and transformative perspective that enables others to face challenges confidently. Through a blend of humorous and personal storytelling and insightful analysis, audience members can reframe challenges and embrace change.


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Some interesting facts about David:

David was born above the Mason-Dixon line, lives with three redheaded females and is constantly outnumbered. He spent the better part of a decade as a professional baseball umpire. He has a background in finance and is self taught on how to tie ribbons on more pie boxes faster than anyone in the whole wide world. 

Speaking Engagements

Whether an association, corporation, faith-based group, or a school/college/university, this message will instill a sense of hope, empowerment and guidance to play the difficult hands that we are all dealt in life. I welcome any opportunity to have a discussion about how I can help!


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