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Pies with Purpose.

Darden’s Delights was built on the premise of enhancing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. Come and enjoy one of our delicious, feel-good, taste-good, look-good, smack yo’ mama it’s so good pies!

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Our Story

Creating opportunities; one delicious pie at a time!


Darden’s Delights was established to harness the power of entrepreneurship for the benefit of individuals with developmental disabilities.

We’re not a non-profit.  We believe in challenging conventional thought by building a thriving business to enhance opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.  For that reason, we give back a “slice” of our revenue to other organizations and ideas that support our purpose.

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Our pies enable our business to prosper, their mouthwatering deliciousness is the backbone of our mission.


The spirit of entrepreneurship allows us to build an exceptional business while giving back to the community.


We regularly contribute to other organizations and believe in creating employment opportunities to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.

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